El Meon Klahiko

I Wrote What I Write, I Write What I Like – With A Jeng!

© 7 October, 2008

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*The terms Jeng & Klahiko belong to the owner & should not be used outside of their context.


3 Responses to “©”

  1. meonjeng Says:

    Haha poyo gile. cik lucy saya tiru drp awak sikit2 eh.

    Saje ngengada takleh tido so aku buat mende nih.
    hoho, not bad. it seems aku leh buat kontrak nih. heh

  2. xumb Says:

    “jeng” and “klahiko” tu kene ade guidelines utk pakai. tak pun wikipedia?

  3. Thanks for sharing explanations and writing this article. Looking forward to more of your stuff. Hopefully you often update your website often since you have found a loyal visitor .

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