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just keep swimming 26 June, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 9:56 am

i thought i was lost. i thought i was weak and crumbling.
But then all around me i saw that people & their bonds crumble, as do their emotions.
And i’m sure that some people are in a lot more pain.
i too feel, as we all do. But believe me when i say that i can understand better then most.

Gone was our roar, seemingly never to surface again.

It will serve us well to remember that we are never alone, unless we choose to be.
We are never given more than what we are capable of receiving.
Only sometimes i pray so hard that all this would just go away, that i may be left in peace, that i would be capable
feeling the same way as this facade i’m putting on.
It is not easy.
Time & a lot of love; from those that hold you dear, & and those whose ties are true, will give us the courage and strength to trudge on.
These are the ones that will let us see the path we must take. They can’t help us pick, what more choose for us the way we must take. And when we take the path, we must follow it, eventhough it may seem like the biggest mistake of our life at the time.
Then maybe one day we will find that the timid kitten would be no more and we shall return strutting our stuff,
pacing the world with more pride and fierceness then we ever knew we
had before.

We shall then once again find our roar.

The wounds may heal.
Even the scars might be lost & forgotten, washed away by the rigours of life.
But the stains will always remain. This is what life is all about.
To paint the whiteness of which we were born, by ours or others’ hands, with the colors which will shape the picture of our souls.
i may have colors which others (and even myself) deem bad, dangerous and even evil, but i believe that all things must have it balance. My ‘black’ side is what makes me more open and flexible, and strengthens my ‘white’ side.
There can be no light without darkness. There can be no embracing warmth without the bitter cold.

And so there must be suffering and pain for there to be joy and bliss.

And when we learn of life, we shall learn to whisper our roars.

~for lil’ lucy shining in the sky, the muse for this one.~


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