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The Curved Dot 28 June, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 5:55 am

T’was once a heart made of gold,
Kind & gentle; as vast as the world,
But then decadence ensued,
Of its moral pursuit,
& thus ‘came a poignant ol’ soul.

It does not hope one to understand,
Or even lend it a relieving hand,
For its true visage,
Is not a façade,
What it needs is simply a friend.


If one of two evils you were forced to take,
Which of the choices would you then make,
Would you endure the lesser one,
Or enjoy which you haven’t done,
Or perish rather than becoming a fake.


4 Responses to “The Curved Dot”

  1. xumb Says:

    now why do i feel like this is about someone we know who got herself into trouble recently?

  2. meonjeng Says:

    what you feel is nothing i can control.
    you feel only things you believe in your soul.

    reading it you might feel it is farstretched in many a ways.
    ntah. tapi yg pasti mungkin kita leh jadikan tauladan.

    the best hexperiences to learn from are other people’s hexperience la kan bro.

  3. MeMyselfnI Says:

    sankyu meonjeng … still,

    “it takes two to tango…. if one stops dancing, the other one has to stop”

    isn’t it ?
    anyways, that’s life … it’s all about learning … *grins*

  4. you knoe whu i am Says:

    Tentu sekali Me.
    Cuma kita tiada hak mahupun kuasa untuk mengawal tindakan org lain. What we can do is control ourselves, & try to do what is right, or at least what we feel is not wrong.

    If you run a red light with a few other cars but only you got stopped by the police, you can’t give the excuse “org lain pun langgar kenapa saya je yg kena”.

    Because you are the one responsible for your actions. & trust me, I’ve done a LOT of stupid things, but just don’t repeat it. & i’ll be here, (most of the times anyway)… =p

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