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A Friend Or A Lover; Which Would You Prefer 30 June, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 4:11 pm

Chivalry; tho most would deem it dead,

Camaraderie; is what should be instead.

A guardian of love & fervor may seem quite flattering,
But feelings & favor are what keeps it coming,
But a guardian of trust n honor would truly be a blessing,
For all the good & evil won’t halt it becoming.


14 Responses to “A Friend Or A Lover; Which Would You Prefer”

  1. meonjeng Says:

    I prefer both please, in the same person.

    (malas nak susun n get it in prose..)

  2. xumb Says:

    saya jua!

  3. abby Says:

    and so. you’re here. funny. template looks oddly familiar.

  4. meonjeng Says:

    I am. here.
    & a few other places. kot.

    erh? oddly familiar eh?
    i went to see. We have similar taste. it seems.

  5. lucy Says:

    ditto, i prefer both.

    ps: pls go ask for ur material from chunky

  6. jackyhussein Says:

    me prefer both too.. its good to have one person with both feature (best friend & lover in the same time) .. :D

  7. meonjeng Says:

    although amazed is the initial thought of so many people agreeing with me, still the question is left unanswered.
    a perfect partner is everyone’s dream.

    but if you had to choose…


  8. lucy Says:

    if u still insist on an answer, i think i’d pick a lover..

    friends, u can find, anywhere

    but a lover, (this is my definition) a person who would love me for who i am – good or bad, aint that easy to find. so yeah i’d opt for a lover. cos hey, the friend bit is already in the lover package… though it doesnt work the other way round

    nyet nyet nyet

  9. abby Says:

    its so easy to be a friend.

    its so hard to be a lover.

    its so easy to stay together as friends.

    its so hard to step into a loving relationship.

    easy life means no challenge.

    hard life takes lots of work and can get tad tiring.

  10. xumb Says:

    but that “lots of work” that makes it stronger don’t you think?

  11. abby Says:

    if its the right person, yes.

    but what if always play in mind. what if its not worth it just becos its not the right person?

  12. meonjeng Says:

    well you wouldn’t know if it’s the right person if you don’t really try rite?like xumb says, it makes u stronger (kott), or at least more versed in the ways of life.

    plus harder is to treat a friend turned lover like a friend still.

  13. lucy Says:

    “plus harder is to treat a friend turned lover like a friend still.”

    well nothing in life that is worth having, comes easy…

    but it can be done..

  14. abby Says:

    guess so. banyak pembelajaran di sini. sungguh bagus. saya akan catatkan setiap satunya. in my little green notepad. jotting it down, sure damn easy. executing it, can be done, slowly.

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