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This Is You, & This Is What I Do 17 July, 2008

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This is my home,
Built with my own hands,
This is my home,
This is who I am

This is my life,
Hold not fear or grief,
This is my life,
This is how I live

This is my heart,
Hope & truth s’ enclosed,
This is my heart,
This is how I love

This is my soul,
Full of whimsical virtue,
This is my soul,
This is why I’m true

This is me,
Unwritten, undefined,
This is me,
This is the dawn of time.


Nuances Of A Cool Shade. 12 July, 2008

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When a veritable soul is bemused & enliven,
Afore comes the shadows of angst & qualm,
Hallow along the unacquainted path driven,
Asunder the radiant luster casts the dark calm,
Rampant tho a soul might begotten,
Zeal manifests a clandestine warm,
Anguish merely memories forgotten,
Truth seems the rule in every psalm,
Until preemptives & self-induced facades unwoven,
Love shall be disdained & barrenness shall be the norm,


I shall endeavor to be free of miscreant thoughts,
Zenith of passion allotted the inaugurate guide,
Now begins a fervent knights first chapter,
Incongruously begetting ardor a novel ride…


Crushed Crush 8 July, 2008

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Of bitter odds & ends,
Livid with every breath,
Solace I comprehend,
Of this life before death.

For ‘tis heavy a burden,
Of body & of the will,
But I have got’n to learn,
Of the heart is heavier still.

Borne not of desire,
This emotion unexplained,
Ablaze this great fire,
Special but yet so plain…


Adakah Kamu Ia?

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Apa warnamu?
Jernih jawabnya,
Keruh tanpa warna.

Kutanya pula,
Bagaimana rupamu?
Katanya ‘biasmu rupaku’,
Cermin yang pudar kaku.

Apa pula bunyimu?
Terusku lagi,
Bisunya kata & lagu,
Ditapis corak duniawi.


Indahnya sekuntum bunga,
Mekar di waktu pagi,
Mengajar tentang segala,
Bisa datang & jua pergi.

Kerna pabila kuntum layu,
Bukan untuk menghadiah sayu,

Singgahnya membawa bahagia,
Dinikmati tika ia tiba,

Hadirnya mungkin sebentar,
Tapi didakap tanpa gentar,
Dengan hati penuh sabar.


The Hunter Hunted 2 July, 2008

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Strong must we be, so that others may lean upon us. Fierce must we remain, that we protect what we hold dear. Calm & serene we should stay, to soothe those around us. Fun & caring we have to stay, to spread joy & laughter. Open & receptive to all we show, that we may share the grief & pains. Ask us naught, for it is also what we roar upon them. But sometimes I become weary & tired, for ‘tis not but for one to bear the burden. To those that clean their manes of me & with me, I bid a hearty thank you. Still a gap broods, filled but not yet closed. Alone we might not be, but alone we feel.
We do revel in the trust & reliance, and we acknowledge it with affirmation.

We walk tall, standing seemingly mighty & unwavering.

But as all do, we fall.
Show it I may not, but fall harder then most I do. And fear not the challenges and trials, but run I do when chased by haunted responsibilities.
Steadfast when the going gets tough.
But when light is the part, flight I take most tart.
It is the pride that becomes the braces, the crutches that keeps us up.
For no one is an island, & none a part that is not of a whole. It keeps us from clawing ourselves in our dreams.

For even the toughest & meanest of prey is fair game to a pride united.