El Meon Klahiko

I Wrote What I Write, I Write What I Like – With A Jeng!

The Hunter Hunted 2 July, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 2:35 pm

Strong must we be, so that others may lean upon us. Fierce must we remain, that we protect what we hold dear. Calm & serene we should stay, to soothe those around us. Fun & caring we have to stay, to spread joy & laughter. Open & receptive to all we show, that we may share the grief & pains. Ask us naught, for it is also what we roar upon them. But sometimes I become weary & tired, for ‘tis not but for one to bear the burden. To those that clean their manes of me & with me, I bid a hearty thank you. Still a gap broods, filled but not yet closed. Alone we might not be, but alone we feel.
We do revel in the trust & reliance, and we acknowledge it with affirmation.

We walk tall, standing seemingly mighty & unwavering.

But as all do, we fall.
Show it I may not, but fall harder then most I do. And fear not the challenges and trials, but run I do when chased by haunted responsibilities.
Steadfast when the going gets tough.
But when light is the part, flight I take most tart.
It is the pride that becomes the braces, the crutches that keeps us up.
For no one is an island, & none a part that is not of a whole. It keeps us from clawing ourselves in our dreams.

For even the toughest & meanest of prey is fair game to a pride united.


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