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Nuances Of A Cool Shade. 12 July, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 10:23 am

When a veritable soul is bemused & enliven,
Afore comes the shadows of angst & qualm,
Hallow along the unacquainted path driven,
Asunder the radiant luster casts the dark calm,
Rampant tho a soul might begotten,
Zeal manifests a clandestine warm,
Anguish merely memories forgotten,
Truth seems the rule in every psalm,
Until preemptives & self-induced facades unwoven,
Love shall be disdained & barrenness shall be the norm,


I shall endeavor to be free of miscreant thoughts,
Zenith of passion allotted the inaugurate guide,
Now begins a fervent knights first chapter,
Incongruously begetting ardor a novel ride…


8 Responses to “Nuances Of A Cool Shade.”

  1. xumb Says:

    yea, they were abundance at urbanscapes the other day. they do look cute, but most when with the shades on lah! oh ya anda di tag http://pasembur.wordpress.com/2008/07/09/the-thin-line/

  2. lucy Says:

    hmmpp.. dramatic and complicated.
    if this were melodies, it could be a post-baroque.


    there will be bumps in the roads. but yea, keeping it positive is definitely the way-to-go.

    say, are u like in love or something? nyet nyet nyet

  3. you knoe whu i am Says:

    he is muddled, befuddled & needs someone to cuddle.

  4. lucy Says:

    pfttttttttttt… i tot u already goturself a stalker and a potential stalker

  5. meonjeng Says:

    oh? me have a stalker? not that i knoe of, tp how do i get one of those?

    plus u know me. can be such a gelenyar fellow…

  6. xumb Says:

    pfffttt WHATEVER(* mcm frank caliendo impersonating bush)!

    oh ya, aku dah nampak “da meon code” kau :P

  7. mayem Says:

    Ngarut bang!

  8. kami benci mayem Says:

    weh bro ko nih mmg hampeh la. bile nak balik bangi gile. lupe terus nampak kawan2. seb baik la anak ko on d way. nanti siap la aku buli dia…

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