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Monkey & Panda 5 September, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 5:12 pm

T’was a monkey quite chunky,
& a panda a bit fluffy,
each differed,
yet both mirrored

Chunky was stinky,
their paths t’were tryin to find,
Fluffy was stuffy,
& yet their fate intertwined

their journey began,
most like any skit,
the holdin of hands,
d’battle o’wits

& so it goes,
their life in (& out) the jungle,
their joys & woes,
the price of love they haggle

they searched till they found,
of themselves & each other,
they’re two halves of one,
complete when together

& so we wish them well,
may happiness ensue,
& may eternally dwell,
in them what we persue.

& tho that might be all,
one question is still key,
of their offspring’s shall
be named monda or pankey?


6 Responses to “Monkey & Panda”

  1. meonjeng Says:

    A hearty & cheerful congratulations to you guys for taking the plunge @ tying the knot. sorry it’s a lil’ bit late. had it around, but never got around to put it up.

    Just make sure korang buat anak cepat2 sket. aku nak jadik uncle yg ramai pengikut cepat2.

  2. xumb Says:

    lovely! it’s like an intro to a disney fairy tale. until that last line. mcm siol!

    so the “conflict” of the story is that la eh?

    aku rasa kalu boy, monchda. kalu girl, pankeyjeng kot?

  3. lucy Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shoooo schweeettttt

    weeekkk.. cut the sappy crap shit

    nevertheless, the poemjeng is much appreciated

    but no plans abt having kids just yet.. lex lex dulu… aku kan attention seeker.. let me have all the attention in the world sampai puas kerna meluat

    by the way, if its a boy its adam if its a gal its adia ( pronouced as AYYY-DEE-AAA )

  4. me Says:

    laaa adam ke asal x bg nama meon je terus… nyet nyet

  5. jackyhussein Says:

    oh so sweet.. :D

    adam?..adia?,,damn.. i was thinking that names for mine too.. nyet..nyet..

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