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A This Is A This, A That Is A That 9 September, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 9:41 pm

A kiss is a kiss,
If given without a fight,
A miss is a miss,
(especially if it’s a flight)

A try is a try,
Even if you fall at the end of the field,
A lie is a lie,

Even if truth is what you feel

A job is a job,
If it helps in paying the bill,
A friend is a friend,
If after a mistake they are still.


5 Responses to “A This Is A This, A That Is A That”

  1. xumb Says:

    a meon is a meon,
    even if the ench depletes,
    a jeng is a jeng,
    even without the classics to complete.

  2. laydiefa Says:

    can i like xumb’s one better?

  3. lucy Says:

    an idiot is an idiot
    when ur just too dumb to see the bigger picture

    a hottie is a hottie
    if she is ME


  4. meonjeng Says:

    laydipa: why yes you can, especially since the subject is me…

    lucy : hottie? pfffttt.. i think u paling kuat pun masuk kategori MILF je…

  5. xumb Says:

    thanks ledipa, walaupun meon sempat ter”perah santan” kejap hahaha

    lucy? MILF? mana layak lagi weh pffft wekkk nyet nyet

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