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Together 17 September, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 5:17 pm

This is for everyone & anyone that I have been blessed to have met & known

When I’m alone,
All that I own,
Is only what I remember

I was told,
When I get old,
That all my fears would disappear


Rejoice in what we have here,
We have each other, together


All of us alone, but never separated,
All of us together, our souls united,
& we shall be one, & yet infinite,
We shall be, together


But I know,
That tomorrow,
Will still come no matter

& although,
It’s not sure,
We know it’ll get better


repeat c/o
All of us alone, but never separated,
All of us together, our souls united,
& we shall be one, & yet infinite,
We shall be, together
We shall always be, together


When we tell of our story,
We shall tell of you & me,
& how we’re destined for each other

For we were meant to be,


10 Responses to “Together”

  1. meonjeng Says:

    this is an extra post as I skipped August.

    Cha, lirik aku dah buat. or anybody for that matter yg berminat, could you kindly buat lagu n melody.

    but if possible aku imagine the verses cam sayup2 n sayu while the c/o to haf an uplifting n strong feel, kinda like seether’s & amy lee’s broken, or fergie’s big girls dont cry.

    atau terbaik cam lagu2 colaboration/various artists punya lagu tu. verse sorang2 nyanyi, pastu c/o ramai2 sambil tepi2 ade org add lib atau tarik2 vibrato ke, meng‘scat’ting ke…

    (demand tanak kalah)

  2. xumb Says:

    fef, meon “si pencipta lirik” skang eh? propos la kat m nasir ke, sure meletop. jgn terklasik lupe claim royalti lak kang hahaha

  3. you know who i am Says:

    apelagi xumb. bantai la kalau brani. kasik akustika sket..


  4. lucy Says:

    i prefer the previous one better.. yg if love if love apekejadah tu

    tp ape ape pon kite nak nanyi hahahah

    chey mcm berani

  5. thewailer Says:

    bro, togetherness is all what is left when everything came and go. well said.

  6. chajeng Says:

    lagu ni aku kasi effect keroncong sket aa ngan selitan2 hip hop.. amacam?

  7. meonjeng Says:

    hah! buat dulu, nanti aku buat verse rap dia. baru aa mantap!

  8. xumb Says:

    oi kasi buat la itu tag tamby! narleke…

  9. meonjeng Says:

    vai muddege, nayyi…

    dei tengga, ituw saya suda ada buwat juga, ere wongge tak mahu kuar jugak la…

    last resort thambi, kasi tyulis ituw post kasi taruoh itu dalam kategorie poem juga baruw bole la.

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