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Fire With Fire 29 September, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 6:36 pm

If you would lie for love then you would lie for greed,
If you wouldn’t stop for a lie then truth too you’ll not heed.

If in the name of justice your soul’s morality bereft,
Then it’s not worth the fight,
As pitting wrong against wrong ultimately makes a left,
For it’s simply isn’t right.


6 Responses to “Fire With Fire”

  1. meonjeng Says:

    this is one of the few i had laying around. ia dan beberapa sebelumnya, dilahirkan masa nak amik cha kat lcct (sejam lebih sket dalam kete). spot the reference kepada penerbangan.

    like bigg said, “macam tu pun boleh..”

    blogging is something you do, but blogging-jeng is a way of life.. wahaha

    p.s. aku tatau blog bigg la. anyone?

  2. lucydiamond Says:

    “blogging-jeng is a way of life..”

    the first few jeng-ness statements were acceptable, now it is just overrated la dude!

    dgn jadik mcm hitzfm hahaha

    bak kata spice gals… too much of something is bad enough

  3. lucydiamond Says:

    i meant to say “jangan jadik mcm hitzfm”

  4. meonjeng Says:

    what to do. branding & placement, thats what i do..

  5. xumb Says:

    enchjeng IS the way of life hahaha

    anyways, check this out, mungkin ko suka kot

  6. meonjeng Says:

    thanks bro. stylo. kena order la tu, sini mane ada. mahal lagi.. chies.

    plus aku baru sedar sebenaqnya aku dah penah baca blogg bigg.

    banyak kali.
    tak penah komen.
    hoh hoh

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