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Man & Beast 30 September, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 2:48 am

The strong shall survive. Might shall always prevail. That is the law of jungle. We may perhaps think that in civilization & culture that is not how it is or at least not how it ought to be. But ‘tis not the law of the jungle, ‘tis the law of nature.

We should roar, but hunting is spartanly a requisite & should not be sparked by cravings nor desire.

The fragile & the frail are used only for the continuation of existence; not even to endure or make life more bearable. We manipulate, exploit and bear suffering unto our own kind for frivolous reasons; for entertainment & fun and for selfish gains. Worse yet, we effect it just because we can. & yet sometimes I am guilty as well. Restraint is only a virtue if you uphold it especially when you are alone. Sadly, I am most weak by myself.
All creatures great & small, the young the little & the tall, should be treated with equal respect. We must remember that we should not just take care of ourselves and the pride, but all in the kingdom as well. For strength isn’t just for pursuing, but protecting as well.

Only then can we be named king of beasts.

Mistakes may be made, for we learn precious few through our successes & ferociously through our flailing losses. Just make sure you learn, for idiocy isn’t about oversights. It’s when you make the same gaffes over and over again. Trust me, if it’s not funny the 1st time, the next ones certainly aren’t going to be better. I know because I’ve been seeing it all through my life, & oftentimes not from other people.

Justifications are merely excuses; trivial webs spun from ever-thinning threads of self-indulgences & swayed rationales. If you would allow it for a good reason, sooner or later you’d do it for a bad one.

Truth may be subjective, opinions may be skewed, and views may be prejudiced. Just hold true to Honor & Valor, Loyalty & Dignity.

For then you will know what it means to truly roar.

No, man is certainly not an animal. It would be an insult to animals.
For the difference between men & animals – that which has so called classified us a more ‘superior’ being
(more like arrogant)
is also what has doomed us all.

Thought; and with it, a conscious mind.


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