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Jerlus Kemanusiaan 28 October, 2008

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Paling pilu;
bila warna cacian yang biasa kuwarnai,
terpalit ke atas kanvas diri

Terbit kesedaran, bahwa
terjemahan tomahan, cuma
chermin kemanusiaan dunia

Lalu, apa yang perlu?
Melangkah seperti patung
yang patuh kepada tali
utuh menggantung diri?

Jika itu nyanyian kelakian,
lebih rela aku menjadi bisu.
Jika itu ikrar kebenaran,
lebih rela aku jadi pengkhianat.

Tapi selut peradaban adat
berputar padat kelilingku
Menjerat erat kederat
urat nan berselirat bangkaiku

Kerna aku terbarzakh di fana yang hanya
memberi prioriti kepada posisi & lokasi.
Pangkat diangkat & harta menjadi dewata
juga rupa penampilan imej luaran terutama.

Hiba gila hingga
mengalir airmata simpati
untuk diri & manusia

Bila semua tertimbus terkambus hilang terus
dalam jerlus kemanusiaan ciptaan.

[maaf yg sia²+kulit perasan yg ikhlas+pengorbanan celakaapa yg patut kau terima]


All None Is Some 22 October, 2008

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Hail missus cockroach wipe away your tears
For tho you’re dirty you’re wise beyond your years
Why insist being caged in griefs of necessity
When you yourself believe you have rockstar quality


If truly you wish to seek your own path in life
Then persevere you must through pain & strife
& if it’s the one thing that you would care to remember
Its that which doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger


An eternal plight is the seeking of mortals’ irreverent joy
But if never do you comprehend that life is only a ploy
Then forever shall you remain fate’s reverent toy


It matters not what colors your soul’s canvas have been painted
Nor is it crucial whether you judge yourself to be pristine or tainted
You should hold true to that which you believe should be forgotten
That in reality we grow & be molded by what we have learned


Jaded, Golden, Auburned & Whiten 14 October, 2008

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O why do we love like the four seasons;
Yearning for Warmth when the bitter cold bites
Missing the Cool when the high heat is brazen
Fearing the dark while still hiding from the light

The sweet life of summer
The beauty of a winter’s day
The scent of spring lingers
As do autumn leaves sway

But we praise spring’s bloom
When winter snow is done
& when autumn’s dark looms
We sing of summers’ fun


Gile Tak Bersyukur

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Do you ever wonder where is life’s silver lining?
& why does it insist on keeping itself in hiding?
For pondered have I of the the path & my meaning,
& altho I have so much it seems I have nothing

So full,
But only full of emptiness,
Sorry friends,
I beg for your forgiveness


A Full Deck 9 October, 2008

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The 4 suits of passion;
To reveal so everyone knows
To share so that it grows
♣ To reap that which is sowed
To cherish so that it shows
& we shall feel affection


♀ » Bile Mechaon ≈ Mechuon

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My, the wonders of eve’s feminine beauty
Clasping its leash upon mine pulsing heart
Lest I be frivolous I try treading carefully
But incessantly tugged still to a magical dark

Wild be mine blood, crimson mine thought prefer
& might be called a wolf of easy sinful pleasures
Nay I beg to differ of this typecast of slander
Tis’ a mortal disease which I seek a lady’s cure

For I seek no more than a heartfelt smile which I brought
Or to banish the grief of which thine crux is truly wrought
Or as simple as happiness or lightness to your thought
But planting other trees I’m trying not

Bukan inginku kehangatan
Cukup sekadar teman keakraban
Mengaburkan kesunyian
Memberikan arah tujuan



Oh My 7 October, 2008

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Oh my, unrefined are the shadows which seek the righteous light
But I pity more still the false knights hiding in the coveted darks

For the scars of naked faces altho’ scorned by fellows of the night
Triumphs always over glorified masks that misses virtue’s mark