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Chronologies of Apologies 7 October, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 5:47 pm

There be once a fool full of arrogant virtues,
Convinced by the veracity of his own truths,
Stewed silly & brash in a bold bowl of youth,
When indeed his personafication uncouthed.

& so »

If he could call upon the worlds’ words of forgiveness,
He’d declaim them all but only for his own repentance,
If only she would willingly will his return to deliverance,
For sunset to sunset he wished nix but her acceptance,



4 Responses to “Chronologies of Apologies”

  1. xumb Says:

    gila ayat minta maaf baeeeknya hehehe

  2. lucydiamond Says:

    not everyone could even utter the word “im sorry” yet meon cud write up 2 full two verses


  3. meonjeng Says:

    xumb: peffsss mana taknya buat taik kaw2 beb!

    cha’ah: sorry is just a word. sonang yo nak kabokan maap. harder still is proving u mean it. camano nak tunjuk eh kat dio yang den memang ikhlas mintak maap? xam ko pon tolon la den nih…

  4. xumb Says:

    first things first, adakah kau betul2 ikhlas?

    then i dun think it shud be a problem, sbb i goes with the niat.

    just say it like u mean it.

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