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♀ » Bile Mechaon ≈ Mechuon 9 October, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 7:22 pm

My, the wonders of eve’s feminine beauty
Clasping its leash upon mine pulsing heart
Lest I be frivolous I try treading carefully
But incessantly tugged still to a magical dark

Wild be mine blood, crimson mine thought prefer
& might be called a wolf of easy sinful pleasures
Nay I beg to differ of this typecast of slander
Tis’ a mortal disease which I seek a lady’s cure

For I seek no more than a heartfelt smile which I brought
Or to banish the grief of which thine crux is truly wrought
Or as simple as happiness or lightness to your thought
But planting other trees I’m trying not

Bukan inginku kehangatan
Cukup sekadar teman keakraban
Mengaburkan kesunyian
Memberikan arah tujuan



One Response to “♀ » Bile Mechaon ≈ Mechuon”

  1. rawkstar Says:

    kamu beri arah tujuan
    tapi adakah itu jalan yang aku tuju
    kamu kaburkan kesunyian
    tatkala kesunyian sudah menjadi separuh dari diri aku
    aku semakin kabur
    semakin sunyi
    dia yang pergi
    mungkin takkan kembali
    mungkin kah kamu
    menjadi dia

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