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Gile Tak Bersyukur 14 October, 2008

Filed under: LifeJeng — meonjeng @ 11:50 am

Do you ever wonder where is life’s silver lining?
& why does it insist on keeping itself in hiding?
For pondered have I of the the path & my meaning,
& altho I have so much it seems I have nothing

So full,
But only full of emptiness,
Sorry friends,
I beg for your forgiveness


4 Responses to “Gile Tak Bersyukur”

  1. anies Says:

    while i’m wandering
    i always wonder
    why i used to have everything
    but now
    it seems like i dont have nothing.

    *aku tak bole berpuisi in English. Damn.

  2. meonjeng Says:

    penggunaan enter


    ha ha

  3. ANis Says:

    tumpang lalu meon

  4. rawkstar Says:


    hala tuju aku (enter)
    tak menentu (enter)
    aku buntu(enter)
    kenapa (enter).

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