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Jaded, Golden, Auburned & Whiten 14 October, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 12:00 pm

O why do we love like the four seasons;
Yearning for Warmth when the bitter cold bites
Missing the Cool when the high heat is brazen
Fearing the dark while still hiding from the light

The sweet life of summer
The beauty of a winter’s day
The scent of spring lingers
As do autumn leaves sway

But we praise spring’s bloom
When winter snow is done
& when autumn’s dark looms
We sing of summers’ fun


6 Responses to “Jaded, Golden, Auburned & Whiten”

  1. anies Says:

    manusia tak penah bersyukur dgn apa yang ada..kalau bersyukur pun seketika cuma kemudian alpa.MAKA, ???

  2. jackyhussein Says:

    that’s mean life is full of greatness. We eager to gettin thing more n more.. keep hunger for the thing’s to rolling n spice up our life! life is weird huh?..

  3. lucy Says:

    autumn sejuk dohhhhh

    tak tahan!


  4. jolie Says:

    because life is more interesting that way..
    static is boring. that’s why people keep on chasing, even when it was just shadow..tak caya tanye rumet aku. heheh!

  5. meonjeng Says:

    lucy: hah sejuk? hubby kan ade.. time to put his muffin top to good use.

    bibik jolie: ah yes. mungkin betul. but to do so would mean lying to the person most important to you; yourself.

  6. rawkstar Says:

    chasing a shadow is more interesting than chasing a man or woman. at least, i know that the shadow is just a shadow after all. huwaaaa. watefak?

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