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All None Is Some 22 October, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 1:42 pm

Hail missus cockroach wipe away your tears
For tho you’re dirty you’re wise beyond your years
Why insist being caged in griefs of necessity
When you yourself believe you have rockstar quality


If truly you wish to seek your own path in life
Then persevere you must through pain & strife
& if it’s the one thing that you would care to remember
Its that which doesn’t kill us will only make us stronger


An eternal plight is the seeking of mortals’ irreverent joy
But if never do you comprehend that life is only a ploy
Then forever shall you remain fate’s reverent toy


It matters not what colors your soul’s canvas have been painted
Nor is it crucial whether you judge yourself to be pristine or tainted
You should hold true to that which you believe should be forgotten
That in reality we grow & be molded by what we have learned


10 Responses to “All None Is Some”

  1. rumet Says:

    weh ko ajak rumet aku ikut aku gi US boleh tak? rumet share bilik ngan aku ko boleh ambik the whole living room. nak? aku tanak pegi sorang2 siottt! korang keje la kat wendy’s. US pun ade perkhidmatan telefon gak dowh kalau ko nak keje line tele..jom laaaaaaaaa ajakla rumet tuuuuuuuuu!!

  2. rawkstar Says:

    it’s a cruel world i’m living in.

  3. meonjeng Says:

    I read your comment & the first thing I see is that You want me there in US with you! Haha! Saya berbesar hati.
    But tell me how to get a work visa & I’m there. minimum wages pun I rela. Ke nak go as hubby & wife, automatic leh stay sana =p

    rilek la. selagi ada harapan, selagi itu esok masih ada pelangi.

  4. jolie Says:

    flight cover spouse ok hahahahah. but takleh la hubby, nnt aku nak dating susah. anyway – not so sure abt the work visa thing bcos my company yg uruskan. tapi bos cakap just get the visit visa, lepas tu cari la keje kat sana. Lepas tu baru apply for work visa. if you decided to come, please bring my rumet with you pls. barulah best roadtrip kita nanti muahahahahhaha!

  5. xumb Says:

    “all none is some”… ahaaa gotit!

  6. meonjeng Says:


    lek dulu xumb. papehal aku akan mintak izin dulu padamu yg merupakan pioneer.

    hey mambo~~

  7. rawkstar Says:

    apa yg gotit xumb? dan apakah maksud pioneer? ;)

  8. meon Says:

    xumb mmg pikup cepat.

    pioneer pula bermaksud : pelopor. perintis. pendahulu.

  9. meemamak Says:

    It matters not what colors your soul’s canvas have been painted
    =what color'(ha)s your soul’s canvas been painted?

    You should hold true that what you believe should be forgotten
    -this one i do not get.
    enlighten me pls..

  10. meonjeng Says:

    dei mamak. suda update kasi tukar macam u kasi tau.

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