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Abyssmal 29 November, 2008

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As the rain falls – drizzling gentle whispers with its lullabying chill,
I feel dizzy with emptiness, a lone tree on a dark barren hill.

A fascinating snowflake am I, deceptively small
Unique- but lost while dancing in the squall

Like a jigsaw piece of the sky, brilliantly blue
But out of place, the space but a dull hue


Keji 25 November, 2008

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The land where self induced blindfolds lay
Is the sordid place which I call my home
Where virtue is disowned & sins hold sway
Villains have their fill & heroes die alone


For what could better renounce the magic of sight
Than blatantly refusing to preserve what is right
Or allowing evils when you have the means to fight
& being content when unfortunates retain their plight?


O god forgive Thy servants unrepentant arrogance
The greedy the ignorant and the vain
We are not even worthy of Thy almighty penance
But illuminate thy path that we might gain


Λngin ~ 19 November, 2008

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Bayu menyapu lembut mukaku
Sayu, menyapa seperti teman lama
Tapi nyata angin membawa airmata
Yg kaku terbuku waktu kacau jiwaku

Aah.. Menikmatinya menyegarkan
Hanya pabila sendiri meyakinkan diri
Bahwa ia akan terus bahagia seperti kini
Seperti enak mengelak tidur lenamu dikejutkan

Soalan yang ditanya
Jawapan mudah tentunya
Tetapi bolehkah kiranya
kita memilihnya?

Oh tentu sekali
Jawab tipuan diri
Ku matang dewasa
Nestapa dunia

Haha! tawa yg konon jujur
Cuma kosong dan akur
Dengan ketidak adilan dunia
Yg lahir kerana manusia

Lalu apa yg perlu ku carikan?
Hanya halatuju & kepercayaan.

<alternate ending>

Lalu yang harus dicari apain?
Jom cari babi kuat main…


Bray thaaa 17 November, 2008

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Blessed be the men who true friends have god bequeath,
For if he searches there’d be hope, trust & love ‘neath.

Brethrens & sisterhoods of coveted alliance confide,
For ‘tis through our bond of strength we abide.

I pay homage to nothing that walks the land,
Nor by any mortal my actions are inclined,
‘Cept by those whose hearts’re in my hands,
& those whose hands hold a piece of mine.

Now this ain’t exactly a farewell,
& kindly accept my thanks as well,
You all have been much too kind,
To man that hasn’t much of a mind.


If Truly * Jika 6 November, 2008

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If truly our love gave you wings that you could fly
Would you soar away only to see me from the sky

If truly each other is the blanket to our sorrows
Will it warm the cold happiness that follows

If I truly am to be the sun shine of your life
Why then in my depths there is still no light

Jika cinta kita memberimu sayap tuk terbang di langit biru
Mungkinkah kau kembali ke bumi tuk semula menemaniku

Jika kepiluan masing-masing kita berdua menyelimuti
Adakah Ia kan menghangatkan kegembiraan dingin nanti

Jika di dalam hidupmu ku kan terbit menjadi sinar
Kenapa pula di dalam lubuk ku masih lagi samar


Ý 3 November, 2008

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Is the easiest question to ask, yet the hardest to answer
Of us so many Why I have that often I become unsure

But rest assured, if & when I find the answers
And all the Why I seek finally disappears

What was once Yours
Shall become ours


As I Drive 1 November, 2008

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As I walk;
roaring conversations dies to incessant whispers
Away from the beaten track is my place
Strayed, but not quite lost

When I talk;
the path I seek further disappears
When satirical ironical hard obvious decisions I face
I am at a loss