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Keji 25 November, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 11:43 am

The land where self induced blindfolds lay
Is the sordid place which I call my home
Where virtue is disowned & sins hold sway
Villains have their fill & heroes die alone


For what could better renounce the magic of sight
Than blatantly refusing to preserve what is right
Or allowing evils when you have the means to fight
& being content when unfortunates retain their plight?


O god forgive Thy servants unrepentant arrogance
The greedy the ignorant and the vain
We are not even worthy of Thy almighty penance
But illuminate thy path that we might gain


5 Responses to “Keji”

  1. akak Says:

    sape yang keji?

  2. rawkstar Says:


  3. meonjeng Says:

    akak: saya, dan juga ramai org di luar sana. dunia tidak adil sebab kita tidak adil kepada dunia. eh silap. dunia adil, cuma manusia yg tak adil. tapi akak tak la. akak shweet… ;p

    rawks: hmmm.. hmm hmm hmmmm hmmmm hmm.. hmm hmmm hm hmmmmmm hmmmm hmmm… hmm hmmm….

  4. lucy Says:

    lets face it.. everyone is keji in their own way.

    we are only human.

    but some ppl deserves to be keji-ed at.. muahahahaha

    nay it is an unrepentant arrogance but merely preserve what is right :P

    iye saye curik ayat awak.. tolong jgn label saye plagiat :P nyet nyet nyet

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