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It’s Time For Change 14 December, 2008

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 6:50 pm

Leaden steps of a burning burdened soul
Desperately searching for his own true goal

Indeed Life is bountifully beautiful & fair
But only to those who themselves they share

Simple & easy if that is what you desire
‘Cept to him who his self he has not discover

Deadened he is by deafening silent whispers
Incessantly pouring poison into his own ears

And tho’ he claims he invokes thought & emotions
His actions seemed inverted to what he has spoken

So here-n-now God I pledge my prayer
Bequeath upon me thine true answer…


6 Responses to “It’s Time For Change”

  1. lucydiamond Says:

    dpt kerja baru ke?

  2. meonjeng Says:

    haha amiin2. yeah change is good. oh no new job at least until next year. takkan nak desert hubster.

    ke korang nih cuma baca tajuk je. hur hur…

  3. zet Says:

    aloh sedehnyerr..u ok man? meh mehh

  4. meonjeng Says:

    oohhh zeee~eet! *berlari-lari slo-motion lalu memeluk zet*

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