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Too Double Oh Nayn 1 January, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 3:19 pm

What does your heart wish for, more than any other
A peaceful world, or a place without strangers?

For me tis unadorned; I ask naught but simple things.

An ear which does not judge,
a hand to hold while walking,
A tight & warm lil’ hug,
a smile when we start a talking

Laughter in abundance & sinful food – with decadent desserts of course
An atmosphere with a warm mood, just nice for stimulating discourse

Like Fräulein Maria likes to sing;
these are a few of my favourite things

But more than that – as with all beginnings
we strive, to be better & kinder beings
we promise, to be more gentle & loving
more honest, livelier & more forgiving

& for an instant, in life’s unscrupulous & unrelenting demeanor
we see ourselves not as what transpired, but as what we aspire
& there be no greater dream than dreaming of us being greater

I shall clench all these (& hopefully, everything & whatever)
A solemn quote of note for me to adhere, & no other
but a head they say, is better yet with another
So let us begin this journey, together

So here’s to you, me, them, & everyone else as well
lets say hello with vigor – after we finish with the farewell

Lets usher in good thoughts as well as good deeds. Cheers!


8 Responses to “Too Double Oh Nayn”

  1. rawkstar Says:

    semoga mendapat apa yang kamu cita-citakan
    semoga beroleh kebahagiaan
    semoga kamu

    jgn selalu menjadi org yang tak dpt dihubungi. sila charge hp, sila jgn tinggalkan charger merata. klasik.

  2. meonjeng Says:

    lebih kepada kematian sementara selepas bersama dgn seseorang yg mencuri essence diriku..

    sian rumet.. maafkan aku rumet..

  3. diandrayani Says:

    selamat tahun baru encik faiz samion….

    kehilangan anda dirasai saat aku emergency nak pergi KL tapi xde teman dan x tau jalan maka aku sesat dalam kepanikan sbb nak kena submit borang sebelum pukul 5 pada 31 Disember lepas…. :(

  4. akak Says:

    happy new year adik.. hope 2009 will bring more luck 2 u :)

  5. nasrah Says:

    hey you,
    i’m leaving. hijrah would sound better.

    take care.

  6. lucy Says:

    “I shall clench all these”

    clench ape la tu ekk.. hmmm i wonder.. perhaps i should ask kak pah to join me wondering about this too.. hmmmmmmmmm

    ppl will only judge if u let them..

  7. rawkstar Says:

    aku harap rumet tidak ke US membawa virus-virus chentamu. ko mau antar rumet tak esok?

  8. meonjeng Says:

    Dian: sori aku takde. ko kena gagah terjah sket,
    otherwise you’ll be clinging to LB all the way kt Reading nanti
    (tho that might not be so bad, kan?)

    akak: you too akak! Hope there’ll be bells a ringin’ soon…
    (sila perhatikan ia adalah beLLs. L ada 2. tq) =p

    nasrah: yeah i got the notion ur going off somewhere.
    all the best, & may Allah bless you.
    be strong n be good n you take care too.

    pengkayu tiga: haha I’d got the feeling you’d zoom in on that.
    Read: I shall clench all these (& hopefully, everything & whatever)
    you n kak pah mmg judgemental. atau mental je. mental judges. muwahahaha..

    rawk: bukan virus chenta la. virus rindu je. dan aku mau! aku mau!

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