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Universiti 4 January, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 5:18 am

I remember, beneath a big stone mushroom with stools
How we laughed out our stories – acting just like fools
Bonds were formed & friendships were pledged
Hear now the story of our time at our college

We eyed the girls & tousled with the boys
The world our oyster – this life but our toy
We learned of relationships & realities of life
Some even felt their backs a place for a knife

The alfresco café & the field of sparse greenery
The lobby was zesty as the dining hall was busy
And though much of it our memory won’t retain
Rest assured the important ones always remain

Tis not just the place where our cohorts we levy
T’was also the milieu of our own self discovery

So here I pay tribute to the culture that I dwelled
May you be the hub for future generations as well

for you Dayasari – Fifth College


2 Responses to “Universiti”

  1. fung Says:

    Seres dowh – gazebo cendawan!

  2. meonjeng Says:

    seres shit! skodeng awek kat blok C, awek jemur kain kat blok F, tenet kat tangga depan lobi – kata King of Blok E

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