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A Bird That Flew 7 January, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 7:25 am

She spread her wings & flew
It was what she intended to do
A bird that was old but new
A wise owl but oft’ times cuckoo

Now this little bird (quite little you know)
Like any good bird, of life she was heady
She was hard & strong, rearing to go
But of leaving the nest she was quite wary

She all but danced briefly in my palm
Such was our chanced brief encounters
& nary but a few did she perch on my arm
But something of her song made her linger

This is what I’ll remember:
– Her rational thoughts in heated discussions
– Her cool demeanor even in throes of passion
– Her maturity with underlying giddiness
– Her gentle but overwhelming presence
– The tears that fell from sky & cheek when she went away
– Her principles that wont break, tho they sometimes sway

She flew willingly
& she will fly true
She shall soar freely
In Skies of vast blue

Good Luck Rumet. Don’t be too Naughty. & Keep in touch


4 Responses to “A Bird That Flew”

  1. zet Says:

    ‘cool demeanor even in throes of passion’??? x stim aaaa ginih

  2. meon Says:

    lek ah zet. takkan aa asek nak ganas je. lek la. kdg2 kena gak sbr walau diikat. kalau tak sabar, camne nak tahan kena blindfold?

    consider this situation. layan eskrem hagen daaz sambil diservis dan tgk feveret muvie mu. superb tu, tapi hanya superb kalau ko cukup tenang utk menikmati ketiga2nya…

  3. zet Says:

    aku ske hagen daaz prise vanila..aaahh sedapnyerr!! jom try esok..jempotla datang pas jemaat

  4. meonjeng Says:

    zet aku bukan tanak dtg.
    tapi aku takmo nyusahkan sapa2.
    lagipun ko sembang.
    aku dah tutup mata, tapi ciuman ko tak tiba.

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