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High And Never Imperfect 13 January, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 1:13 pm

Yo little bunny why would you wallow in sorrow
Clear your eyes now, there’s always a tomorrow
Don’t dwell in grief coz of a loser’s blindness
He’s but a swell thief, abusing your kindness

Now just because he thinks he can fly
It doesn’t mean he shouldn’t just die
I’m sure he’ll be shot down from his sky

But fret not cute bunny you can just choose any tea
For you’re not only cool, but your cup is filled to a C
Not to mention how you’re quirky, smart & funny
& miss lioness you eat more than what fits in a lorry

Plus lets not forget you little over-achiever
The best part is you’re my crazy lil’ sister
& you’re also Uncle Sam’s genius daughter

So just imagine your kisses are bullets, & blow one to his head
Or you can just say the word & I’ll smash it to pieces instead
I could even tie him up & fasten him in place – (you know he’ll cry)
Then you let loose your famous fart to his face – (I’m sure he’ll die)
How about you ram him straight on with your body
If you can smash a car, a boy won’t be a worry
Oh people might tell you that revenge is childish & nasty
What they don’t tell you is how good it feels to be petty

I may not have shielded you from life’s anguish & pain
But making your own mistakes means never making it again
& should he make you feel like you’re under duress
I know just what to do – I have his home address

So you faltered, it ain’t no big deal at all
So long as you get back up every time you fall
& don’t be afraid to trust yourself to another
Coz someday you’ll find the one that’s a winner

Yes all men are bastards, at least to a certain degree
But in actuality, there are 2 types of bastards you see
There’s the type that’s a bastard just coz he thinks he can
& the one that becomes a bastard coz things got out of hand
& while we’re on the subject, all women are bitches too
Keep that in mind when you decide what you want to do

So lift your chin up silly, you did nothing wrong
Like I always say, this is what makes us strong
& tho’ you may feel like the days are far too long
Reach out – Life’s full of people to help you along

Don’t be grave – just stay brave
Banish thine tears – conquer your fears
Stop depressing – life’s a blessing
If you grope – you’ll surely find hope
For there’s love abound – if you keep faith around


10 Responses to “High And Never Imperfect”

  1. rawkstar Says:

    bole aku tukar he menjadi she??hehehehe.mana puisi keji aku weihhhhh??

  2. meonjeng Says:

    aah akhirnya ko singah semula. ku nantikan suara dr rawkstar, di sini, ataupun ditempatmu. ko nak ganti boleh je, tapi kena buang sket la. ko bleh ke langgar kereta tapi kereta yg jahanam? wahahaha…

    puisi keji? tentang she-devil itu ke? rasanya ko tak penah mintak pun (pergh mcm buat kek lak kena tempah2).

    oi rawkstar oi! pulanglah…

  3. rawkstar Says:

    penah dowhh…aku suh ko buat lagu..gantikan lirik lagu ‘kasih tak sampai’ tapi kejikan ia..huahua.

    kamu menantikan suara aku? so sweeettt ;)

    buat eh meon..

    eh lagi satu..esemen nak kena buat gak nie. next week kene submit 2. huhu.

  4. lucy Says:

    what’s with uncle sam?
    i cannot comprehend

    hey it sorta rhymes!!

  5. meemamak Says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :DDDD

  6. meemamak Says:

    btw, ganasnye weyh. skeriii. n i do not eat more than what fits in a lorry okayy.
    oh n he’s the one that becomes a bastard coz things got out of hand.

  7. meon Says:

    Lucy: Uncle Sam is meon Sr, actually. haha best kan mcm reference to US kan.

    maplei: oi its metaphorically ganas je. . plus stress reliever. sila cari perkataan imagine ye.. n u do eat byk gile. dont deny….!!

  8. lucy Says:

    cheh.. bapak ko.. ingat its US -related

    baru ingat nie kononnye its an ode to the palestinians but in a more nonchalant-laidback way

    so..tak jadik nak puji


  9. fadiga Says:

    wahhh amazingg!! 100% true. muah muuah im your biggest fan now wahahahhaha

    nak signature abg meon!!

  10. fadiga Says:

    oh while im on that, i want a poem abt me tooooo (a nice and baik2 one and NOT on my teks, parut etc) thanks!

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