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Way Around 3 February, 2009

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when you cross the threshold into the cycle of undulations
seductively lulled by its ebb & flow of wicked red temperance

effortlessly you forgo yourself to drift in its wake
now everyone gets their fair share of trials & tribulations
but what defines us is how we respond to it with our patience
remember, it’s about giving more than what you take

for when a simple glare becomes illicitly explicit
& plain words becomes scathing bladed scythes
when others’ actions counts always as a deficit
& the world becomes nothing but empty ties

you’re abandoning rationale & reason
courteousness & propriety forgotten

then maybe you’d understand
what your way means to a man

to let loose in its tide
it may feel easy & soothing
but do remember one thing

its just not right

it may be a bitch
& stings quite a bit
but that’s what we call life

[28 days of humanity 7 days of hell woman]


Off My Cheek 1 February, 2009

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If only my wounds could bleed tears
that my eyes could stay a dry haven
easily then my scars’d replace my fears
& my emotions I could calmly govern

for when a drop forms in my eyes
when it paints mine in a glisten

a smothering veil of numbness
quickly I turn to a guise of lies
that my shadows may stay hidden
that i wouldn’t spread my weaknesses

how I long to shout my deepest secrets
than to merely whisper it into the winds

barbs that pierce the echo of my essence
a bizarre façade that I readily adopted
the fortress to guard my sins within
docile & placid I wear a mask of silence

Oh how I yearn to learn of a keeper
that would forget & yet remember
a neutral voice of a rousing stranger
not of a judge, jury, or executioner