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Off My Cheek 1 February, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 4:30 pm

If only my wounds could bleed tears
that my eyes could stay a dry haven
easily then my scars’d replace my fears
& my emotions I could calmly govern

for when a drop forms in my eyes
when it paints mine in a glisten

a smothering veil of numbness
quickly I turn to a guise of lies
that my shadows may stay hidden
that i wouldn’t spread my weaknesses

how I long to shout my deepest secrets
than to merely whisper it into the winds

barbs that pierce the echo of my essence
a bizarre façade that I readily adopted
the fortress to guard my sins within
docile & placid I wear a mask of silence

Oh how I yearn to learn of a keeper
that would forget & yet remember
a neutral voice of a rousing stranger
not of a judge, jury, or executioner


5 Responses to “Off My Cheek”

  1. aku bukan tina fey..aku betina fey Says:

    pffttt. rumet aku loyar. wargghh. aku emo ngan ko tapi aku takleh maki kooooo!!!huwaaaaaaaaa.

  2. meonjeng Says:

    kenapa takleh? aku paham.
    aku annoying dan keji.
    aku dah bgtau byk kali.

    maka tiadalah bezamu dgn kwn2 perempuanku semua,
    jika kau maki dan hamun ku pabila kubuat ko keciwa

  3. anies Says:

    ye..aku tiada beza dgn semua kwn2 perempuanmu yang lain. nway, thanks menolong aku.

    sebab tu aku tak mampu maki ko.

  4. zet Says:

    time kaseh meon..ayat2 ko mampu membuatkan aku tenang..

  5. meonjeng Says:

    apa shj utkmu sayang…
    anything to make
    your heart lighter
    & your soul more free,
    I would do it most gladly..

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