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Way Around 3 February, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 4:27 pm

when you cross the threshold into the cycle of undulations
seductively lulled by its ebb & flow of wicked red temperance

effortlessly you forgo yourself to drift in its wake
now everyone gets their fair share of trials & tribulations
but what defines us is how we respond to it with our patience
remember, it’s about giving more than what you take

for when a simple glare becomes illicitly explicit
& plain words becomes scathing bladed scythes
when others’ actions counts always as a deficit
& the world becomes nothing but empty ties

you’re abandoning rationale & reason
courteousness & propriety forgotten

then maybe you’d understand
what your way means to a man

to let loose in its tide
it may feel easy & soothing
but do remember one thing

its just not right

it may be a bitch
& stings quite a bit
but that’s what we call life

[28 days of humanity 7 days of hell woman]


21 Responses to “Way Around”

  1. anies Says:

    ko tulis psl integrated water resources management eh? heeeeeee. ke psl betinaous?

  2. meonjeng Says:

    ahaha.. yg 2nd tu close, but no cigar…

  3. anies Says:

    no cigar? aku tak paham. lori ada? basikal??

    keretapi bole u turn?

  4. nasrah Says:

    selamat blind date.

  5. fadiga Says:

    i dont get your poems most of the time.. but i smell something here. is this about me? ehem ehem

    if it is, aku sgt terharu dan juga bangga (tho the content is not sth that i shud/cud be proud of)
    if its not, then apa lagi.. cepat buat satu utk aku

  6. meonjeng Says:

    anies: close but no cigar ialah perumpamaan yg bermaksud hampir, tapi tak berapa tepat.

    nasrah: apekah kaitannya dgn blind date? haha calon pun takde. sape la yg sanggup jadik buta tgk muka aku ni..

    moke: well.. the cigar things goes to you too. it concerns you, but not just you particularly.. aku siap bagi mathematical clue lagi ok..

  7. nasrah Says:

    hahahaha.. td xtgk math tu.skang dh phm..hahaha.. gile kreatif psl tu pn bleh jd peomjeng.
    u have ur points bro..
    tp xsemua cmtu. ada certain time rasa nk gelak je walopn xde sebab..rs nk mkn byk..
    tp kalo qistin time2 ni, dia nangis xpasal2. hahaha.. (peace kid \/ )

  8. nasrah Says:

    i still can’t believe u write a poem about this. hang mmg tera! haha..

  9. anies Says:


  10. meonjeng Says:

    nasrah: yes i understand. this is a generalization. sapa terasa, boleh amik iktibar. just my opinion to certain peopleje.
    gelak? mkn byk? haha yg lebih hebat pun ada. rasa asik nak masak je pun ada. sorang tu takleh berenti kemas. kemas kete, kemas umah. hahaha bizarre..

    anis: kem salam ecah.. ;)

  11. kid Says:

    dude, u’re rite… everybody’s reaction to the hormonal change is different… just brush it off. itu blom citer pasal pre- & post-menopause lagi…

    doakan je lu dpt bini nanti yang asyik nak ngemas & masak tu… senang citer.

    bet how grateful u r to be born male ;P

  12. fadigs Says:

    aku tgk math equation tu tapi still xpaham.

    ape bnd niiiii


  13. akak Says:

    life’s a bitch.. so, be a bitch :P

  14. meonjeng Says:

    kid: i am thankful i am what i am, but its not becos of what you guys go thru. i am just thankful i have what i have.. haha ye aku carik yg tetibe tak leh tahan rasa nak berniaga. haha buat duit lebih..

    akak: doubt you could be real bitchy even if you tried..

    oh n digah, go figure out yerself la…

  15. anies Says:

    okay..aku dh tau nama dia. narisa dewi. alololo.

  16. erra fazira Says:

    katmana nak beli kasut foo keong tu?siyes x jumpe!

  17. fadiga Says:

    period ke?
    faiz nak la satu poem pasal aku pls

  18. anies Says:

    smpi ke sini tanya kasut foo keong. hahahahhaa.

  19. jacky Says:

    anda sudah kene tag.. sila buat :P

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