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Penumbra 28 May, 2009

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Through the ever swaying trees
I see the silhouettes of a million leaves
the clearest dark of night’s
illuminated by the impostor’s spark of light

Aren’t we all but refractions of each other
Shining only of luster from another
but for me tis only when we hear our shadow’s overture
will we truly comprehend our own true nature

Colors in the dark*
for want it shan’t bloom
dead without a spark*
forever lost in gloom

*lines courtesy of Shahrin Zen Mohd Yassin (congrats on getting married bro!)


The Minute Minute Minuét 24 May, 2009

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Nigh would I deduce to be brought low as upon this ladder’s rung
Unrequited – Nay! Uninitiated even – for the melody’s too young
Requiem of a sudden soothing song, never even sung

Drowning in a peaceful suffocating sensation
A seething thirst searing to burst in confrontation
Lullaby of chivalric debauchery: bought & sold
Incapacitating bodily yet liberating to the soul
Languishing the bask in midsummer’s enchantment
Aye! tis once again fluttering palpitations I lament

Affronted by giddiness – delusion’s mask for bubbly exuberence
Youth ignorantly dismissed by arrogance of so called experience
Until swayed by the staccatos of mon chérie lé petite
Niched in mine heart, the mellow ego bows in defeat
I dream; only could this be of mine – again, just another once upon a time


The Earth, The Sky, & Everything In Between (or so it seems) 20 May, 2009

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“Tell me the price of your love”, said the rabbit of the sea
riding its tricycle, its smile a smirk full of glee
on its left paw, a small silver watch 20 minutes fast
& its right precariously holding a half-full wine glass

“hurry up now”, said the rabbit – “I’m moving along”
“I’m in a rush, always – & anyway your answer will be wrong
for love, truly – to you it does not belong
tis only borrowed of which your heart doth long”

with a cackle & a cough, riding the waves – as tipsy as a Cheshire cat
she left with a gentleman’s bow, & a flourish of her top hat


hipokrasi birokrasi 13 May, 2009

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induksi diplomasi ilusi semata
industri proksi paksi saksi pendusta
maya yang tegar
gaya yang pudar
propaganda berganda negara & dunia

pengarang perundangan perlembagaan
perancang pemesongan pembiasan
kekhilafan bakhilan semu
kelahiran jahilan ilmu
penghalang pembebasan kejujuran

mencerap kancah & rasa kebimbangan
menggarap rencah dan bisa keraguan
pengabaian ide paradoks
penggapaian sela ortodoks
menerapkan penyerakkan pemikiran


Denial 4 May, 2009

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Hail yonder
luscious pastures of calamities’ wonder
unite us effervescently together
Miracles forsaken – the sacred plundered

Empty thine mortal shell
Shadows & dust – mere dancing desires proclaimed erudite(s) tries to quell
Truth twisted into a faςade of morality’s charlatan; becoming a politically correct hell
When faith & facts was convened as heresy & sacrilege; into deception’s depths did we fell

Rise against night’s infernal light
Wisdom & sin not given to those who do not fight
For life rests not on death’s theatrical scythe
What you truly believe is what you should hold to be right