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Denial 4 May, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 9:13 pm

Hail yonder
luscious pastures of calamities’ wonder
unite us effervescently together
Miracles forsaken – the sacred plundered

Empty thine mortal shell
Shadows & dust – mere dancing desires proclaimed erudite(s) tries to quell
Truth twisted into a faςade of morality’s charlatan; becoming a politically correct hell
When faith & facts was convened as heresy & sacrilege; into deception’s depths did we fell

Rise against night’s infernal light
Wisdom & sin not given to those who do not fight
For life rests not on death’s theatrical scythe
What you truly believe is what you should hold to be right


11 Responses to “Denial”

  1. bye Says:

    sumpah aku tak faham langsung

  2. anies Says:

    yada yada yada..

    what are you yelping about huh??

  3. nasrah Says:

    k..whatever..as usual..haha..
    but u’re back.

  4. meonjeng Says:

    haha aku tau korang rindu aku..

    kalau ni korang tak paham, nanti pasni aku bg yg bm punya ok.. korang tak paham jugak kot nanti..

    org pulau mmg gile sket.. lalala

  5. hani Says:

    Wisdom in not given to those who do not fight?

    wisdom in not given? deliberate ke

  6. meonjeng Says:

    ko kan kalau typo tu laju je nampak. aku sumbat bateri dlm mulut ko kang…

    thanks anyway..

  7. meonjeng Says:

    amik ko. in tu aku biar.. ~lalala

  8. spiketru Says:

    bapak jauhnye typo kau. ayat tu jd tergantung la, thats why aku notice. hehe. ape kelas battery. tgh tunggu wef bwk blk mee mamak nih

  9. suerie Says:

    “What you truly believe is what you should hold to be right”


  10. Sakina Says:

    Gosh..it’s like you went through the thesaurus and deliberately picked words to confuse commoners like me. :P

  11. meonjeng Says:

    haha welcome sakina. this is what happens when u stay on islands too long. & this time i dont mean tribal isles ye..

    atas pulau, tiada akses to thesaurus atau pc ok.. hoho. but i’m used to people not understanding my brain farts..

    my blog – estimated catch rate: 11%

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