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The Earth, The Sky, & Everything In Between (or so it seems) 20 May, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 12:34 pm

“Tell me the price of your love”, said the rabbit of the sea
riding its tricycle, its smile a smirk full of glee
on its left paw, a small silver watch 20 minutes fast
& its right precariously holding a half-full wine glass

“hurry up now”, said the rabbit – “I’m moving along”
“I’m in a rush, always – & anyway your answer will be wrong
for love, truly – to you it does not belong
tis only borrowed of which your heart doth long”

with a cackle & a cough, riding the waves – as tipsy as a Cheshire cat
she left with a gentleman’s bow, & a flourish of her top hat


3 Responses to “The Earth, The Sky, & Everything In Between (or so it seems)”

  1. akak Says:

    somehow i love this :)

  2. dian Says:

    why does this reminds me of Alice in Wonderland?

  3. meonjeng Says:

    i am elated that the 2 people who were the muses for this piece commented.

    akak: the rabbit was actually based (in part) on you. which part, tu sendiri mau tau la.. =p ~ lalala

    dian: the parable to the white rabbit was intentional. that part is for readers to construe. the gender change was due to akak aku kat atas ni, ngan ko jugak sket2. the story tho, was inspired by your’s.. *sigh*

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