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The Minute Minute Minuét 24 May, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 6:59 pm

Nigh would I deduce to be brought low as upon this ladder’s rung
Unrequited – Nay! Uninitiated even – for the melody’s too young
Requiem of a sudden soothing song, never even sung

Drowning in a peaceful suffocating sensation
A seething thirst searing to burst in confrontation
Lullaby of chivalric debauchery: bought & sold
Incapacitating bodily yet liberating to the soul
Languishing the bask in midsummer’s enchantment
Aye! tis once again fluttering palpitations I lament

Affronted by giddiness – delusion’s mask for bubbly exuberence
Youth ignorantly dismissed by arrogance of so called experience
Until swayed by the staccatos of mon chérie lé petite
Niched in mine heart, the mellow ego bows in defeat
I dream; only could this be of mine – again, just another once upon a time


2 Responses to “The Minute Minute Minuét”

  1. anies Says:

    yada yada yada…balik nnt roger aku k.

  2. honi Says:

    nice wordplay! balik la cepat balik balik aku bwatkan scrambled egg with cheese ok.

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