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Prosaic Mozaic Path 15 June, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 3:49 pm

I realize

the millions of lil’ valleys in the sand
are imprints made by another man
every lil’ trace has its own place
its echo there even if replaced

tho each step is repeated
each path is emphatically unique
like how each individual is separated
while each is inexorably linked

to tread the track taken infinite times
but never twice done on the same line
is to follow the mark of others’ sign
but ultimately making the journey mine


11 Responses to “Prosaic Mozaic Path”

  1. anies Says:


    kisah lekuk di pasir. betul kan?


  2. boddah Says:

    bro…bila nk post kisah angin sepoi2 bahasa grazing against bulu ketiak? aku n jacky terbaca kat notebook ko msa lepak kopitiam aritu kui kui kui

  3. nasrah Says:

    nice la..lama tak pening pala baca poem encik meon..

  4. meon Says:

    anies: yea. ko mmg pandai. aku tau dah lama dah.

    boddah: chist! terlepas. yg line2 camtu utk renungan sendiri je. keji dowh wahahaha..

    nasrah: thanks. susah2 je baca sebab pening. dtg la pulau nih. kita explain satu2 eh. tapi kena print la sebab atas pulau taklde printer n nak bukak internet pun curik2..

  5. hdhania Says:

    ooh nice I totally get the last stanza. ala2 the road not taken gitu, cuma the road is taken. haha.

  6. suerie Says:

    u wrote all these?
    dang, u’re such a poetrical blogger seh..

    eh, y dont kan u put a related picture in each of ur entry?
    senang others nak interprete.. kot.. :D

  7. meonjeng Says:

    haha poetrical tu hapemende eh? ~lalala

    takpe.. aku sedar aku membebel sorang2 sebab kegilaan aku tidak difahami.. letak gambar pun tak guna. cos i’ll put like pictures of a one-legged rocking horse or a mousepad but with a real mouse on it or something like that… lagi pening ade… =p

  8. borro Says:

    i think you’re trying to say different people who’s living the same life still making a different history because people are unique. life itself is unique. what’s important is what you feel not what you go through.

    if i would take this from different angle, i think let say you were in love with the same girl as Mister X, the experience is different, even though you shared the same person :)

    aku rasa la. heheh. ok ok aku tido sekaranggg.

  9. meonjeng Says:

    interesting la rumet. you have formed your own opinion on it. sgt bagus. that’s the point. not trying to figure out what i’m saying exactly, but figuring out what it means to you.

  10. borro Says:

    Ahh now i am disappointed. I was trying to figure out You :p

  11. meon Says:

    tryin to figure me out? get in line sistah. i’ve known meself for like all my life & there are still parts of me i dont understand..

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