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When playing with fire; prepare to be burned. 30 September, 2009

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the jub jub bird trills its tune of forbidden delight
Suddenly snatched by desire’s ire claws in mid-flight
its heart heavy, belied by how its soul is light

O gloriously hideous Jabberwock
you walk the walk
& talk the talk

oh how tall you seem, with a big bad black suit
oh how well off you be, with a big shiny car to boot

but you deceive none but all that you keep in the shadow
and no matter how carefully your house of cards may grow
this is a tale that someday one & all shall come to know

the army of cards may still yet prove to you they be loyal
but on both sides of the glass, you are still an apparent evil
oh how then shall all know your masked attempts are feeble?

when the blackened roses you have painted white
they wither & gray, their facades faded & drained
when the lies, slackened, lose its tainted stripes
& slithers away, its barrage latent & stained

when the cards are then flipped
& it shows you’ve been playing with 6 aces
when your sure steps start to trip
& the world sees your other sinister faces

then shall come the trial
the queens & kings in denial

except of course
for the queen of hearts
& this humble jack of all trades

when all the mendacity are exposed & dead
& whats left is the jabberwock instead
its time to shout, “Off with his head!”


feo es hermoso 28 September, 2009

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if truly beauty is only skin-deep
does it mean we are all ugly underneath?

if so

could into our soul we let it seep
or should our blade of identity we sheath?


beauty is skin deep couldn’t be farther from the truth
for what we see are but masks;


of what we truly are inside
of what we want to show
& what we try to hide
whether our hearts glow
or our souls we leave to wither & die


ugliness is only a sin
when it comes from within
for t’is not what we think is real
hideousy is but only what we feel

beauty is only true
if you hold it as a virtue
its not of perfection or scars
but is in fact; just how you are


The BIGsmalls 17 September, 2009

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Green sliver blades
Earth and snow parts
Strength in vast glades
Humble it departs


White softly they sail
Oceans blue & naught
Of dreams they prevail
Belief is what is sought


Red in all of its hues
The dawn engulfs darkness
Hope will then be perused
Hitherto despair shall burst


Other Half of a Half 14 September, 2009

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They’re the waves on the ocean
that makes the sand soft
But also the breeze in the open
that keeps dreams aloft

Like the soundtrack in the movie
more like felt rather than heard
Yet sometimes they’re the story
practically the cream of the custard

They fire the hearth in coldest winters
for warmth, and more vitally the light
But other times they’re cool lagers
that makes a parched throat right

They never get in the way
unless you’re going down
They make you king of the day
when all you are is a clown

Of good and bad decision
follow your heed they will
Unless of course it’s their turn
then their lead becomes your will

The candle by the window
flickering through the squall
Your grief is also their sorrow
delight, shared by all….


Strawberry Sipper 13 September, 2009

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Slam a knife in my shoulder
I’ll help it to dig in deep
oh I will bitch about it later
when the blood starts to seep
but use my knife
please – use my knife

a darker-than-black red color
but for you, it is sincere
adding to the palette of  your marionette
& then smoke a cigarette
just because of how a strawberry tastes afterward
sweet & bitter & sour
– like a little helping of life



*Title courtesy of Kim Mk


oh if a eff a

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jauhku dari pangkuan halaman
namun tikaku rasa keseorangan
tidakku sangka
padaku datangnya nyanyian

halus dan mulus, walau tak pasti kan ia kudus
tidak gelap atau berbayang, namun tak juga ia terang
yang pasti hadirnya terutus berdepan terus
‘kankah ia tinggal selepas datang, ataukan kabur menghilang

Oh lagu yang tenteram
umpama pisau teramat tajam
ke kalbuku
mencuit jauh di dalam

tanpa meluka
atau mencedera
kesannya, tiada