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Other Half of a Half 14 September, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 12:00 am

They’re the waves on the ocean
that makes the sand soft
But also the breeze in the open
that keeps dreams aloft

Like the soundtrack in the movie
more like felt rather than heard
Yet sometimes they’re the story
practically the cream of the custard

They fire the hearth in coldest winters
for warmth, and more vitally the light
But other times they’re cool lagers
that makes a parched throat right

They never get in the way
unless you’re going down
They make you king of the day
when all you are is a clown

Of good and bad decision
follow your heed they will
Unless of course it’s their turn
then their lead becomes your will

The candle by the window
flickering through the squall
Your grief is also their sorrow
delight, shared by all….


5 Responses to “Other Half of a Half”

  1. i thought i can speak/understand english but u proved me wrong meon :P

  2. meonjeng Says:

    kenapa akak aku kat hospital lagi?! degil la org soh take care of yourself. ni chiwonkey, kena soh dia sound sket akak ni. hmm hmm..

    n what do you not understand? ok je rasa. you pun included in the persons this is dedicated to..

  3. akak Says:

    meh sini saye buat pembetulan..
    si Chiwonkey yang buat komen di atas menggunakan link saye.. Dia lupa la tu nak delete.. dodol sungguh :P

  4. meonjeng Says:

    ohoh. gile keliru. tapi komen adik kat atas still applicable.

    bro, u r also included in the persons this is dedicated to..

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