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When playing with fire; prepare to be burned. 30 September, 2009

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the jub jub bird trills its tune of forbidden delight
Suddenly snatched by desire’s ire claws in mid-flight
its heart heavy, belied by how its soul is light

O gloriously hideous Jabberwock
you walk the walk
& talk the talk

oh how tall you seem, with a big bad black suit
oh how well off you be, with a big shiny car to boot

but you deceive none but all that you keep in the shadow
and no matter how carefully your house of cards may grow
this is a tale that someday one & all shall come to know

the army of cards may still yet prove to you they be loyal
but on both sides of the glass, you are still an apparent evil
oh how then shall all know your masked attempts are feeble?

when the blackened roses you have painted white
they wither & gray, their facades faded & drained
when the lies, slackened, lose its tainted stripes
& slithers away, its barrage latent & stained

when the cards are then flipped
& it shows you’ve been playing with 6 aces
when your sure steps start to trip
& the world sees your other sinister faces

then shall come the trial
the queens & kings in denial

except of course
for the queen of hearts
& this humble jack of all trades

when all the mendacity are exposed & dead
& whats left is the jabberwock instead
its time to shout, “Off with his head!”


8 Responses to “When playing with fire; prepare to be burned.”

  1. Sakina Says:

    A person close to me, throughout the years of my life, is described by your prose perfectly.

    Jabberwock. Tak tahan la dengar that word. Always reminds me of these lines of poetry written by an old friend.

    Ah inanity, jabberwocky,
    they fill my book of solitude and soliloquy.

  2. Sakina Says:

    eh no..it was

    Monosyllable, jabberwocky, inanity. They can fill my book of Solitude and soliloquy.

  3. meonjeng Says:

    that’s life i guess. like history, it repeats itself. because this is the story of my friend.

    & the jabberwock is a character of evil. mmg marah la kat ia.

    oh n how can you say mine (prose) susah nak paham. in that one verse je – a profound one i might say – there are a few words that made me ponder a bit..

    &might there be apossibility of asking your friend’s permission for sharing his/her work…

  4. anies Says:

    aku nak masuk dlm blog aku bole?

  5. Dian Says:

    I did not digest the content when I read it the first time yesterday, though the title cannot be anymore obvious. Tetapi….. pagi ni aku baca and I have only one cheer…

    give me a B.A.S.T.A.R.D! bastard! Woohooo!

  6. Sakina Says:

    Meon, I was just being annoying.

    I haven’t contacted that friend for sometime. The lines I quoted was from one of his emails to me (which I still read once in a while because there are too beautiful to delete!) I have no idea if he still writes with as raw an emotion as he once did, but I have “a small book” of all his poems which was given to me 10 years ago. I quote his lines on an off, they are so appealing to the heart and tongue.

    But how will I change me?
    Destiny is never a philanthropic poet
    She’s dream-defying and cold with ill-perceiving sonnet
    And life is an evil looker, a staunch sinner
    With grace of a stalker and nerves of a beholder
    Instinct of a father
    Silence of a mother
    Songs of a thunder
    Sighs of a leper

    Some of my favourite lines from “C’est la Vie, Mon Ami”. I’ll e-mail him about your request.

  7. akak Says:

    sebab itu orang tua berkata ‘ jangan bermain dengan api, kelak membakar diri’… hehehe :D

  8. The Lord of this Land Says:

    anies: kalau ko nak aku tukar blog ni jadi blog ko pun boleh anies. anything, anytime..

    dian: hah! bastard he may be, but don’t blame the school ok.. hoho..

    sakina: thanks for humoring me. n thanks for your.. umm.. visits, i guess? =p
    singgah la selalu…

    akak: bukan org tua2 je akak. ruhil amani pun cakap camtu gak la.. =)

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