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be true to me 31 December, 2009

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be true to me
o heart of mine
that we shall remain we
till the end of our time

for if ever you seek
that which I am against
we shall be then weak
& ours shall go to waste

for a path to be truly chosen
it can’t be done separately
a step half-heartedly taken
is to scry our calamity

so be true to me
o heart of mine
that we shall remain we
till the end of our time


Linguist vs Poet 27 December, 2009

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side by side
if you would care to compare
a linguist & a poet
may not look alike;
but if you’re aware
they’re not much different

for they are governed:
one by rules of the mind
the other ruled by heart
but what they both seek to find
is splendour that words impart

now linguists formulate forms & functions
while poets are lifted by life’s livid sensations
the linguists revere the outer shells’ beauty
the poet searches for the essence of veracity

a poet is nothing if not a conduit of emotion
the linguist heeds the call of logic & reason
when one labels by structure & meaning
to the other feelings are what’s compelling

tho their journey may be given separate names
their destination is but one & the same
no matter how different the steps that they take
of a common purpose their deeds doth partake

but be it dreams of fantasy
or even a life of actuality
it don’t really matter
’cause what they’re after
is the pursuit of truth & wisdom
worth more to me than all in the kingdom

but even they –
especially they!
who lay whole their souls & minds
in search of perfection of some kind
would definitely say

such things are subjective
a concept that’s deceptive

for wisdom is not given
nor truth to be learned
they simply have to be earned


Be mine, even for a while 25 December, 2009

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I really do miss
falling in love

Oh how I wish
I could’ve
stolen a kiss
from you love


If I wished for a season
would you be my summer
If I was a question
would you be my answer

*If I could be*

I want to just suddenly
while we’re walking side by side
grasp your hand tight in mine
entwining our fingers
& walk a little faster
that you’d have to chase me
just so you can keep up

I’d bring you beside a lake
where we can throw our shoes off
& dip our feet into the cool depths
while watching the setting sun
reflect on the clear mirror of water
as the wind blows
your scent around me

We’d go to a bookstore
& read the whole day
being content just by knowing
that you are near
that we came together
cause your presence
soothes my mind
as well as my soul

We would write wishes
in pencil on papyrus,
tie them to balloons
& let them fly on windy cloudy days
so it may break through the clouds
&  find itself in sunny fields of cotton-white

We’d put on a chick-flick
watching while lying on the couch
your head on my shoulder
& afterward we’d talk about nothing at all
just to listen to your voice
just so that your voice
is the last thing I hear before I sleep

I’d watch you read –
your beautiful fingers
flipping, caressing each page –
with wonder
as I lie on a pillow
that now smells of your hair
mixing with the smell of pancakes & honey
& freshly baked muffins
while you eat the breakfast I made

I would creep up slowly
so I won’t make a sound
& catch you off guard
with a surprise hug
or a tickle attack
& I would not let up
until you elbow my side
or a pinch might be better
& hurt less  =p

We’d write our names
in the sand by the beach
& watch as the waves wash it away
cause we may not be forever together;
you might fall out of love with me
but the memory of us will adhere

If you turn out to be a mistake
you’re a mistake I’m willing to make
a risk I’d be glad to take


here & now 21 December, 2009

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lie down now
angels of the deep
the lies know no bounds
even when the world sleeps

we just might be here
but isn’t here just there without a T
the rules that we adhere
laws are but ships on human made seas