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Be mine, even for a while 25 December, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 4:54 am

I really do miss
falling in love

Oh how I wish
I could’ve
stolen a kiss
from you love


If I wished for a season
would you be my summer
If I was a question
would you be my answer

*If I could be*

I want to just suddenly
while we’re walking side by side
grasp your hand tight in mine
entwining our fingers
& walk a little faster
that you’d have to chase me
just so you can keep up

I’d bring you beside a lake
where we can throw our shoes off
& dip our feet into the cool depths
while watching the setting sun
reflect on the clear mirror of water
as the wind blows
your scent around me

We’d go to a bookstore
& read the whole day
being content just by knowing
that you are near
that we came together
cause your presence
soothes my mind
as well as my soul

We would write wishes
in pencil on papyrus,
tie them to balloons
& let them fly on windy cloudy days
so it may break through the clouds
&  find itself in sunny fields of cotton-white

We’d put on a chick-flick
watching while lying on the couch
your head on my shoulder
& afterward we’d talk about nothing at all
just to listen to your voice
just so that your voice
is the last thing I hear before I sleep

I’d watch you read –
your beautiful fingers
flipping, caressing each page –
with wonder
as I lie on a pillow
that now smells of your hair
mixing with the smell of pancakes & honey
& freshly baked muffins
while you eat the breakfast I made

I would creep up slowly
so I won’t make a sound
& catch you off guard
with a surprise hug
or a tickle attack
& I would not let up
until you elbow my side
or a pinch might be better
& hurt less  =p

We’d write our names
in the sand by the beach
& watch as the waves wash it away
cause we may not be forever together;
you might fall out of love with me
but the memory of us will adhere

If you turn out to be a mistake
you’re a mistake I’m willing to make
a risk I’d be glad to take


18 Responses to “Be mine, even for a while”

  1. sharkpitt Says:

    huyooo….dasat entri hang.i feel the love brothar.hahahahaa*thumbs up!*

  2. meonjeng Says:

    of cos la you feel the love brother love.. hahaha..
    ikhlas beb. ikhlas..

  3. anies Says:

    aku rasa nak nangis baca ni meon.

  4. meonjeng Says:

    cik nasrah: bukan angau. tapi bangau. bangau yg payah gile nak terbang, tapi bile dah terbang, kemain lagi tenang dan graceful di udara..

    pn anies: lain kali jgn la potong bawang masa baca blog aku gile..

  5. akak Says:

    ala.. sweetnya.. rasa nak nangis k..

  6. lucydiamond Says:

    those are the things that u’d write before u get hooked up :P

    nevertheless oh sho schweet
    cepat gi carik gefren satu

  7. meonjeng Says:

    jgn nangis la akak. korang ni kan, ni bukan post sedih.. =p

    oh n lucy, some of the things I write, are from experience ok. although maybe not the details.. lalala

  8. hdhania Says:

    ni best ni.. one of my faves <33

  9. meonjeng Says:

    you would wouldn’t you, you of sappy love stories & idealistic dreams.. =p

  10. OMG. Mood lagu ni boleh beat John Mayer’s ‘Comfortable’. Go pick up a guitar and create a melody.

    -kawan Hani

  11. meonjeng Says:

    boleh nak buat. tapi ain la kena nyanyi..

  12. Kata Ain Says:

    Tapi Ain tengah ‘Perfectly Lonely’. Plus, I don’t sing in public EVER! I know what I’m not capable of doing.

  13. meonjeng Says:

    ahh.. =)

    but its what we don’t know that makes life worth living.
    knowledge, skill, actions, feelings.
    explore. that is the only way to live. otherwise there’s no point.

    plus, if we only did things we know how to, then we won’t do much now, would we?
    oh n perfectly does not exist when it concerns humans.

  14. Kata Ain Says:

    Knowing what I can’t do and don’t want to do gives me loads of time to discover new things that I perhaps like to do.

    This is where you’re wrong. I’m at the stage of my life where being alone( as in no boyfriend thing) is what I need and want. Stereotyping, especially human beings, is a fallacy. Other than six basic human needs, we are all different.

  15. Kata Ain Says:

    * I mean other than sharing the six basic needs, we all behave differently.

  16. meonjeng Says:

    It seems to me that between you quoting song titles & me spouting my nonsense, something got lost in translation.

    Well anyway, good for you. at least you know what you want, unlike me =p

  17. Kata Ain Says:

    Besar gila kemungkinan.

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