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Linguist vs Poet 27 December, 2009

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 10:02 pm

side by side
if you would care to compare
a linguist & a poet
may not look alike;
but if you’re aware
they’re not much different

for they are governed:
one by rules of the mind
the other ruled by heart
but what they both seek to find
is splendour that words impart

now linguists formulate forms & functions
while poets are lifted by life’s livid sensations
the linguists revere the outer shells’ beauty
the poet searches for the essence of veracity

a poet is nothing if not a conduit of emotion
the linguist heeds the call of logic & reason
when one labels by structure & meaning
to the other feelings are what’s compelling

tho their journey may be given separate names
their destination is but one & the same
no matter how different the steps that they take
of a common purpose their deeds doth partake

but be it dreams of fantasy
or even a life of actuality
it don’t really matter
’cause what they’re after
is the pursuit of truth & wisdom
worth more to me than all in the kingdom

but even they –
especially they!
who lay whole their souls & minds
in search of perfection of some kind
would definitely say

such things are subjective
a concept that’s deceptive

for wisdom is not given
nor truth to be learned
they simply have to be earned


2 Responses to “Linguist vs Poet”

  1. hdhania Says:

    ko eje salah: separate ->seperate, essence -> esscence


  2. meonjeng Says:

    fine la. aku edit. ai het how mach ai lev yu..

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