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find a song 29 January, 2010

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& sing

sing of dreams & sing of might
sing of forgotten forlorn flights
that nighttime nightingales partake
that their song will not dissipate

drown not your sadness in tears
for despair floats
& is a good swimmer

refrain your tongue so as to hear
for talking coats
our hearts & our ears

let not regret hold you in fear
for now’s too short
to let the past be forever


be ye th’ gold diggah! garr.. 6 January, 2010

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now this is a tale I wouldn’t have spin
if I be not coerced or at least pestered
& so with a sigh I decided to give in
for she is after all, my dear little sister

cute & cuddly & bubbly was she
of when she was wee do I remember
but her screams were much like banshees’
& she bit like an farkin’ alligator

& now when I see
oh how she has blossomed
I feel like slapping her face
for she prances with glee
barely cov’ring her bottom
& her teks all over the place

speckled with a personality eccentric
e.g. she vomits without reason
fickle & moody & definitely erratic
she’s cause for much concern

sometimes, without warning
out of no grounds you can see
she cries, sniffing & bawling
even while doing the laundry

but she does have some qualities redeeming
that which makes her bearable,
she’s good-natured & giving, fun & forgiving
she’s kind, funny & tolerable

so everything is not for nought,
tho sometimes, she’s kind to a fault

now she may not be, a muse to me
but she definitely, amuses me
& tho I complain, of her company I do suffer
she may be a pain, but I shall always love her

so this is for you, my lamentable angel
my crazy jester, my benevolent witch
I dedicate this to you, oh jovial lil’ girl
all I have left to say is, “what a bitch..”


My Yield 4 January, 2010

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I dwell
upon this thinking seat
& of it as well
& where I claimed my feat

within a sea-faring ferry
while floating on the blue sea
in green lushes of a forest
in the desert heat, desolate
in strangers’ home & locations
in & amongst public advocations
in areas exotic & foreign spaces
even in my hometown marketplaces

its not the where that’s significant
but the what is what’s important
for it soothes more than the bowels
it heals the knots in thy mind’s cycle
the burden & strain it relieves
makes it a necessity of needs


I would read during my private sessions
publications & any type of book
Magazines of all genres & crux
it stimulates yield as well as contemplation
’tis, verily

but now, in this day & age
I’ve found a new adage –
that the new wizened sages
are the web’s infinite pages

for listening to Corinne Bailey Rae
croon a sweet soulful tune
while dumping your worries away
is a pleasure much undue

technology truly does goes anywhere
everywhere but which we do not dare
so tell me what better to have in a setting
where your refuse you are desecrating
to be able to access all the psalms in land
& have the world in the palm of your hand


shed it softly :: wear it proudly 1 January, 2010

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There are but 4 conditions
of which I care to mention
That shall test the will to persevere
& calls for a lady to shed her tears
At least, that’s my preconception

The 1st is when she has lost something that she holds dear
but only if she can’t fight back for it, & it is lost forever

Another is when her heart gets broken
but only if its by love’s rapier or token

The best is when it comes of delight & elation
for then they become tears of celebration

Last is when she has no reason for them, absolutely none at all
& she feels she cannot control them, & by itself it falls

Now far from it for me to claim here
that these are are the only reasons
for your face to be painted by tears
but these are those I care to mention