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shed it softly :: wear it proudly 1 January, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 11:31 pm

There are but 4 conditions
of which I care to mention
That shall test the will to persevere
& calls for a lady to shed her tears
At least, that’s my preconception

The 1st is when she has lost something that she holds dear
but only if she can’t fight back for it, & it is lost forever

Another is when her heart gets broken
but only if its by love’s rapier or token

The best is when it comes of delight & elation
for then they become tears of celebration

Last is when she has no reason for them, absolutely none at all
& she feels she cannot control them, & by itself it falls

Now far from it for me to claim here
that these are are the only reasons
for your face to be painted by tears
but these are those I care to mention



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