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My Yield 4 January, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 4:53 pm

I dwell
upon this thinking seat
& of it as well
& where I claimed my feat

within a sea-faring ferry
while floating on the blue sea
in green lushes of a forest
in the desert heat, desolate
in strangers’ home & locations
in & amongst public advocations
in areas exotic & foreign spaces
even in my hometown marketplaces

its not the where that’s significant
but the what is what’s important
for it soothes more than the bowels
it heals the knots in thy mind’s cycle
the burden & strain it relieves
makes it a necessity of needs


I would read during my private sessions
publications & any type of book
Magazines of all genres & crux
it stimulates yield as well as contemplation
’tis, verily

but now, in this day & age
I’ve found a new adage –
that the new wizened sages
are the web’s infinite pages

for listening to Corinne Bailey Rae
croon a sweet soulful tune
while dumping your worries away
is a pleasure much undue

technology truly does goes anywhere
everywhere but which we do not dare
so tell me what better to have in a setting
where your refuse you are desecrating
to be able to access all the psalms in land
& have the world in the palm of your hand


2 Responses to “My Yield”

  1. anies Says:

    ketika di ruang termenung ku keseorangan
    Tap Tap Revenge 3 bersama lagu Hella Good from No Doubt adalah paling layan

  2. meonjeng Says:

    pastu bila dah setel tapi lagu masih berjalan
    sudah pasti dihabiskan dahulu permainan
    bila selesai lagu dan markah sudah dikirakan
    bontot naik kematu dan di pipi berbekas garisan

    juga aku terasa ingin bertanya
    ketika mengenjut mengikut ritma
    tidakkah guguran keceplop kecebur
    menjadi bersepah serta berterabur?

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