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be ye th’ gold diggah! garr.. 6 January, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 8:00 pm

now this is a tale I wouldn’t have spin
if I be not coerced or at least pestered
& so with a sigh I decided to give in
for she is after all, my dear little sister

cute & cuddly & bubbly was she
of when she was wee do I remember
but her screams were much like banshees’
& she bit like an farkin’ alligator

& now when I see
oh how she has blossomed
I feel like slapping her face
for she prances with glee
barely cov’ring her bottom
& her teks all over the place

speckled with a personality eccentric
e.g. she vomits without reason
fickle & moody & definitely erratic
she’s cause for much concern

sometimes, without warning
out of no grounds you can see
she cries, sniffing & bawling
even while doing the laundry

but she does have some qualities redeeming
that which makes her bearable,
she’s good-natured & giving, fun & forgiving
she’s kind, funny & tolerable

so everything is not for nought,
tho sometimes, she’s kind to a fault

now she may not be, a muse to me
but she definitely, amuses me
& tho I complain, of her company I do suffer
she may be a pain, but I shall always love her

so this is for you, my lamentable angel
my crazy jester, my benevolent witch
I dedicate this to you, oh jovial lil’ girl
all I have left to say is, “what a bitch..”


4 Responses to “be ye th’ gold diggah! garr..”

  1. meonjeng Says:


  2. hdhania Says:

    omg aku suka gila! what a bitch she is!

  3. akak Says:

    i bet my brother has exact feeling like u.. hahahaha.. :P

  4. meonjeng Says:

    moke: sila jgn guna akaun aku utk komen. ko ingat ni blog hani ke..

    hani: sila jgn jadi moke & mind your tongue, at least in public.. hahaha

    akak: biasa je kalau dah nama bro-sis relationship. akaknye gedik tu mmg boleh tahan.. =p

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