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kebuk wasap 17 February, 2010

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oh kesumat diri yang durjana
tercetus meletus ia membara
membakar merah amarah gila


aku leka dgn suka tawa bersama teman
aku dibuai syahdu sedapnya santapan
aku menikmati duniawi dengan ketenangan
aku menjalani anganan dengan jiwa nan aman


tanpa amaran
tiada teguran atau sapaan
apatah lagi permintaan kemaafan

dtg padaku tiba-tiba
satu senjata marbahaya
membawa duka & nestapa
yang mengelirukan pada mulanya

kupaling menoleh mukaku dengan segera
kulihat dibelakangku yang ada cuma
seorang pakcik bermuka syahdu dan lega

lalu terus pada ketika itu hadir sesuatu
menerjah menusuk hidung dan kalbuku
ia tajam dan pekat
juga masam dan likat

siapa bilang
malang tidak berbau


A Zenith Never Intended 9 February, 2010

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Our very first encounter
made my heart flutter (crux, nexus, pith, gist, core, hub)
in a somewhat peculiar manner (queer, eccentric, deviant, odd)
like a paper butterfly, tied to a string
an awkwardly cute and funny little thing

your delicate gaze
a tingling heat haze
tied me in inexplicable knots
denying me coherent thoughts
when all I wanted to say
right up to this very day
you are a vision , my dear
& I am awed when you are near

you are forever but in a moment
a silkily hued dance of time-stopping grace
a fine Stradivarius-like instrument
naturally tuned but not a note out of place
a deliciously sweet torment
is your voice; imbued with a honeyed embrace

but you as yet, cannot be got
& with me, sadly, you are not

& so I ask
that treason of passion I may steer clear
& within you I do not get caught
oh please have compassion, angel dear
& kindly stop haunting my thoughts

or be benevolent & confirm my fear
& lie that my crush is actually not


A Universe In A Tear 5 February, 2010

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I claim to live vehemently,
with lingering thoughts touted to be most sublime
that used to glimmer brownian-ly,
but only in a real-life fairytale-like once upon a time

now, these collected memories of a dusty mono-chromed past
lies like dead fireflies, heaped at the bottom of a jar of glass

a balloon helium-ed with remorse
& anger & envy & even worse
despair & betrayal & abandonment
it consumes me in a sea of lament

stricken by grief
though sickeningly brief –
I hoard my fear;
a universe, in a tear

my own universe, my dear

& whence my universe becomes sated & pregnant
with my invented woes & made-believe torment
of cancerous ideologies & beliefs malignant
& I carry it around erstwhile
while epiphanies & revelations pile
in a slithering nest, most vile
& I have allowed my tear to well;
my balloon now expanded & swelled
perdition, carious –
uncaptiously quelled

there will come a sign, something not unlike a gift
an omen of some design, & unto my soul it lifts
the many sided die of truth; a form of belligerent answer
an aperitif rightly uncouth,
a red-hot double-bladed disclaimer

like a touch to a bubble
or a pin-prick of a needle
letting my tear fall
rupturing my wall
liberating my inclusions
& destroying my illusions

then shall peace swathe me silently
shrouding softly, a lithe mist of serenity
edifying a sense of amicable amity
conceiving concord from travesty

& my universe will then be the same
as the universe, once again


a language only we understand 2 February, 2010

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We, who stay in a land
with a language
that no one else understands
is proof of the adage
a man’s measure is of his friends