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A Universe In A Tear 5 February, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 7:51 pm

I claim to live vehemently,
with lingering thoughts touted to be most sublime
that used to glimmer brownian-ly,
but only in a real-life fairytale-like once upon a time

now, these collected memories of a dusty mono-chromed past
lies like dead fireflies, heaped at the bottom of a jar of glass

a balloon helium-ed with remorse
& anger & envy & even worse
despair & betrayal & abandonment
it consumes me in a sea of lament

stricken by grief
though sickeningly brief –
I hoard my fear;
a universe, in a tear

my own universe, my dear

& whence my universe becomes sated & pregnant
with my invented woes & made-believe torment
of cancerous ideologies & beliefs malignant
& I carry it around erstwhile
while epiphanies & revelations pile
in a slithering nest, most vile
& I have allowed my tear to well;
my balloon now expanded & swelled
perdition, carious –
uncaptiously quelled

there will come a sign, something not unlike a gift
an omen of some design, & unto my soul it lifts
the many sided die of truth; a form of belligerent answer
an aperitif rightly uncouth,
a red-hot double-bladed disclaimer

like a touch to a bubble
or a pin-prick of a needle
letting my tear fall
rupturing my wall
liberating my inclusions
& destroying my illusions

then shall peace swathe me silently
shrouding softly, a lithe mist of serenity
edifying a sense of amicable amity
conceiving concord from travesty

& my universe will then be the same
as the universe, once again


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