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A Zenith Never Intended 9 February, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 9:38 am

Our very first encounter
made my heart flutter (crux, nexus, pith, gist, core, hub)
in a somewhat peculiar manner (queer, eccentric, deviant, odd)
like a paper butterfly, tied to a string
an awkwardly cute and funny little thing

your delicate gaze
a tingling heat haze
tied me in inexplicable knots
denying me coherent thoughts
when all I wanted to say
right up to this very day
you are a vision , my dear
& I am awed when you are near

you are forever but in a moment
a silkily hued dance of time-stopping grace
a fine Stradivarius-like instrument
naturally tuned but not a note out of place
a deliciously sweet torment
is your voice; imbued with a honeyed embrace

but you as yet, cannot be got
& with me, sadly, you are not

& so I ask
that treason of passion I may steer clear
& within you I do not get caught
oh please have compassion, angel dear
& kindly stop haunting my thoughts

or be benevolent & confirm my fear
& lie that my crush is actually not


4 Responses to “A Zenith Never Intended”

  1. anies Says:


  2. meonjeng Says:

    wa’alaikummussalam w.b.t

  3. xumb Says:

    irrationally irrational

  4. meonjeng Says:

    irrationally clear
    it is now, to me

    for I will never
    truly be free

    if I do not embrace
    my irrationality
    & never could I face
    myself as me

    I am, as a whole & parts of it
    irrational & emotional
    fickle & temperamental
    but that’s just how I try to fit

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