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love admire infatuate 21 August, 2010

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to admire is when
the petals of a rose you caress delicately
to savor its splendor, scent & beauty
to love is then
if by the thorns on the rose’s stem you grip
& still hold tight even as your blood drips

desire’s omen
is to let a kite fly
as high as the twine that you would bestow
love’s token
means to let it try
fly free in the path of the wind it would follow

lust compels
to suckle the honey at any & all cost
& keep suckling till its sweetness is lost
love foretells
to nurture the flower so its honey it keeps
& whence it is full, to allow the honey to seep


Land Ho! 9 August, 2010

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Lo doth behold, these be men at sea!
they live by its breath – forsaken by the land
living for the sake of the soul to be free
but their bodies shackled by their own demand

& they set forth upon life’s piquant waves
riding its terribly magnificent swells
they set forth to be knights among knaves
for if you believe, so then you shall


happily never after 5 August, 2010

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if we pursue until we attain
& to stay true only if we gain
it is the glory of the ignorant & the vain

but to search only for the sake of finding
even if we don’t know what it is we’re seeking
it is the folly of a story without an ending

for the path of the journey
is not the point of the story
for what we truly earn
it is but what we learn