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love admire infatuate 21 August, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 8:29 pm

to admire is when
the petals of a rose you caress delicately
to savor its splendor, scent & beauty
to love is then
if by the thorns on the rose’s stem you grip
& still hold tight even as your blood drips

desire’s omen
is to let a kite fly
as high as the twine that you would bestow
love’s token
means to let it try
fly free in the path of the wind it would follow

lust compels
to suckle the honey at any & all cost
& keep suckling till its sweetness is lost
love foretells
to nurture the flower so its honey it keeps
& whence it is full, to allow the honey to seep


5 Responses to “love admire infatuate”

  1. anies Says:

    meon…haiiiii! buat la puisi atas kapal

  2. meonjeng Says:

    abih tu ko ingat aku tulis ni kat manaaa laaa…

  3. hakimi Says:

    awesome.. truly awesome.
    u indeed write with a jeng!

  4. meonjeng Says:

    why thank you, kind sir.
    your choice of words, are.. flattering..

  5. Jolie Says:

    Why are you not writing? You were confined in a small ship with 20 men or so, I think this is the best time to channel your ‘confined’ manhood to proper medium of release. Heheh!

    p/s: i miss reading something good. Do write.

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