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stupid cupid 31 October, 2010

Filed under: Poemjeng — meonjeng @ 3:48 pm

Spring’s whispered embrace
Remains a mystery
For I am eternally
In summer’s glorious face

Why be it shallow & hallow
O cupid dear; cruel & callous
Thine slighted flighted arrow
Pierces a heart with a heartless

Rupture me, I rather
By armaments that deeply seep
Then let fly another
That breaks and makes me weep

Then these gifts of distorted pleasures & chimerical illusions
False faiths formed
Deceitful desires debated
Devious dreams dreaded
Waning wishes warmed
Inane & frivolous are these idiotically absurd inclinations

Your sweet smelling bouquet of rosy promises
Are but charlatan metaphors for empty excuses
Telling telling split truths
Fueling folly of fools
Inflicted I am; wrought by these deadly diseases


2 Responses to “stupid cupid”

  1. jolie Says:

    penat aku bukak dictionary.

    not sure if i understand it correctly. at first i thot it was about fear. but then..maybe it’s about someone who has lost faith? or maybe you were just bored and wrote this. yup, aku rasa tekaan aku yang last tu adalah jawapan yang paling hampir.

  2. meonjeng Says:

    cheh kata dictionary dalam iphone/ipod.

    & yes. to everything. lama dah ni. lebih setahun aku tulis. tapi, it was incomplete. mcm biasa.

    4th verse tu penuh ngan keywords je, aku tulis point form. was looking for the right word. sebab aku dah terlupa apa yg originally aku nak buat, so aku guna sume keyword itu. tapi yg lain tu without wax ok.

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