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Yearning’s Amatory : The Inoculate Story, Unveiling Zeal’s Amorous Reviving Intent 26 November, 2010

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Hearing of your journey, friend, tis but reflections
Always revealing, but always also distractions
Previews of subtle hues, colors of amelioration’s
Perchance might I see the painter’s intentions
Yielding the true story of the canvas’ dissensions

Bestow me your hand, & I will hold on to it dear stranger
I shall read of your tale, & maybe help write a few chapters
Ruse of emotions shall we avoid with our own callous convictions
Tho fate be a cruel temptress with deadly whimsical incantations
Hide I shall not, for the time is nigh for two paths to converge
Doomed or favored is equivocal, tis only of Schrodinger’s urge
All that I might wish for with all my might, o faceted languorous deity
Your pearly anniversary; may it be of nothing but felicitous serendipity


Better sometimes late than never
Olthough t’was late because of doubt
Reply: tho it might not be forever
Roughly, I’m offering what I’ve got
Or in this (our) case, whatever


Come Hither 21 November, 2010

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Oh how thy beseech upon mine
To ask for an answer of which the question is elusive
For it entices me to cross the line
I have only opinions but none of them conclusive

Could you draw a little closer
that your shadow may become my shaded refuge
so might you turn, stranger –
to an ally, a friend; a shelter empty of subterfuge


It Is So, Because It Isn’t 6 November, 2010

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it is most ridiculous
a preposterous preposition
that men & ladies should ever be constant

certainly seditious
your ludicrous disposition
if you think that we could become different

for we are
like everyone
is unlike any one
that ever lived

& our story
like every story
is unlike any story
ever revealed

if we do not wander until we’re lost
or roam the lands to get nowhere
how then, shall we ever be discovered

if we’re not prepared to pay the cost
or be unwilling to impart the fare
the journey by the destination will be hindered